Staff / Bioeconomy, health and governance
Nebot Meneu, Sara
Forest policy and risk governance
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Graduated in Geography and Environment at the University of Valencia and Master’s in Natural Hazards Management at University of Alicante. She specialized in coastal studies (anthropic pressure, evolution, regression), flood risk and other natural hazards.

She is currently a PhD student at University of Alicante, studying the Impact of climate change on the Valencian coast.

She has participated in several congresses such as the XXVII Congreso de la Asociación Española de Geografía, the XVII Coloquio Ibérico de Geografia, and the Paris 2022 UGI Centennial Congress.

She has worked in municipality plans against natural hazards and disaster risk reduction (floods, forest fires, earthquakes), and in a variety of projects, such as Local Waste Plans, Sustainability Plans, Environmental Education Plans and Environmental Education Plan for the Sustainability of the Biosphere Reserve of Menorca.


Pascual-Aguilar, Juan; Campo, Julián; Nebot Meneu, S.; Andreu Pérez, V. (2019): Analysis of existing water information for the applicability of water quality indices in the fluvial-littoral area of Turia and Jucar Rivers, Valencia, Spain. Applied Geography 111: 102062.

Nebot, S., Pitarch, M. D., & Camarasa-Belmonte, A. M. (2021). Análisis de la percepción de la peligrosidad de inundación en el municipio de Tavernes Blanques (Valencia, España). Su papel en la valoración del riesgo. TERRA. Revista de Desarrollo Local, (8), 68-97. DOI 10.7203/terra.8.19017

Nebot, S., Pitarch, M. D., & Camarasa-Belmonte, A. M. (2022). Evolución de la percepción del riesgo de inundación en el municipio de Tavernes Blanques (Valencia). XVII Coloquio Ibérico de Geografía: Nuevas fronteras y nuevos horizontes en la Geografía Ibérica: políticas y transformaciones territoriales: Libro de Actas.

Nebot, S. (2022). Regression of a Valencian coastal region from 1956 to the present: anthropic pressure and sea level rise. UGI Centennial Congress. Sorbonne Université, Paris (Francia). Minute Book.