Multifunctional forest management / CTFC
R+D lines and Transfer

  • Forest dynamics and global change
  • Adaptive silviculture and forest management models
  • Multifunctional forest planning and modelling
  • Forests and water cycles
  • Large fire prevention, fire ecology and forest restoration
  • Forest diseases and invasive pathogens
  • Forest soils, organic fertilisers and carbon sinks
  • Forest management and carbon sequestration
  • Forest plantations, agroforestry and silvopastoral systems
Working areas

/ Impacts of climate change and improved resistance of forest systems to various disturbances

/ Effects of soil use changes in the dynamics and operation of forests

/ Silviculture models and recommendations for forest management and planning, adapted to the current context (natural disturbances, multifunctionality and provision of ecosystem services)

/ Modelling forest dynamics and operation under different climate conditions and forest management

/ Prevention of large forest fires and integration of fire in forest management and post-fire restoration

/ Development of tools for analysis of the spatial variation and temporal dynamics of the composition and structure of the forest and undergrowth

/ Detection of forest pathogens via innovative techniques

/ Sustainable management of agrosilvopastoral systems and their integration on livestock farms

/ Forest plantations and agroforestry systems of high productive and environmental value

/ Chemistry of organic soil material, humic amendments and fertilisers

/ Land carbon cycle and recovery of carbon stocks in agroforestry systems