Landscape dynamics and biodiversity / CTFC
R+D lines and Transfer

  • Diagnosis of natural environment dynamics
  • Risk and impact analysis of global change
  • Model ecosystem services and the ways in which they interact
  • Fluvial dynamics: interactions between water and sediment at different spatial and temporal scales
  • Development of management measures and landscape/regional adaptation
  • Conservation planning
  • Methods and tools for multi-objective forest planning at a landscape/regional level
  • Decision-making support tools in a context of global change
Working areas

/ Study the biology, ecology and conservation of species

/ Planning and management tools for biodiversity conservation

/ Ecosystem management models using multi-scale approaches, optimisation methods and decision-making support systems

/ Landscape ecology

/ Bioindicators used for evaluating ecosystem conservation levels

/ Integration of biodiversity conservation measures, use of natural resources and social perception

/ Restoration of forest and fluvial habitats

/ Use of drones for biodiversity purposes and forest applications

/ Tools for simulating the evolution of forests and their ecosystemic services under different forest management regimes and climate conditions

/ Fire simulation tools, helping to prevent their impact and to develop fire prevention plans