Personal /Bioeconomia, salut i governança
Fossas Anguera, Ana
Biodiversitat, ecologia funcional i canvi global
973 48 1752

Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science by the University of Barcelona

Master's degree in Soil and Water Management by the University of Lleida

My general interests are soil conservation and soil and water management to prevent erosion processes in agricultural areas as well as forest lands. I've collaborated with the University of Lleida on a project based on determining post-fire soil surface dynamic processes and management practices that can reduce soil erosion after a forest fire in Catalonia (2021). Co-writer of “Codi de bones pràctiques agràries contra l’erosió per preservar els sòls i les aigües a Catalunya” for the DACC.

I’ve also worked as an environmental educator to raise awareness about sustainable agriculture and to protect and preserve biodiversity in natural parks around Catalonia.

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