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Prokofieva, Irina
Socioeconomia i governança de sistemes rurals

PhD in Economic Analysis from the International Programme on Economic Analysis at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain) and MSc in Business Economics from University of Joensuu (Finland).

Her scientific expertise lies in the economic assessment of environmental projects, institutional analysis, policy analysis, forest policy and economics, as well as policy instrument design and assessment.

She has participated with a leading role in numerous national and international projects (e.g. StarTree, NEWFOREX, EFORWOOD, EXIOPOL, Sylvamed), and has a vast project management and project coordination experience.

Prokofieva, I, Górriz-Mifsud, E, Bonet, J-A, Martínez de Aragón, J (2016): Viability of introducing payments for the collection of wild forest mushrooms in Catalonia (North East Spain). Small-scale Forestry.

Prokofieva, I. (2016): Payments for ecosystem services - the case of forests. Current Forestry Reports, vol. 2(2), pp. 130-142.

Górriz, E., Varela, E., Piqué, M., Prokofieva, I. (2016): Demand and supply of ecosystem services in a Mediterranean forest: Computing payment boundaries. Ecosystem Services 17, pp. 53-63.

Górriz-Mifsud, E., Dominguez-Torres, G., Prokofieva, I. (2015): Understanding forest owners' preferences for policy interventions addressing mushroom picking in Catalonia (north-east Spain). European Journal of Forest Research. 134(4) 585-598

Lindstad B H, Pistorius T, Ferranti F, Dominguez G, Gorriz E, Kurttila M, Leban V, Navarro P, Peters D M, Pezdevsek Malovrh S, Prokofieva I, Schuck A, Solberg B, Viiri H, Zadnik Stirn L, Krc J. (2015). Forest-based bioenergy policies in five European countries: an explorative study of interactions with national and EU policies. Biomass & Bioenergy 80, pp.102-113.

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