Personnel / Direction Générale
Borges, José G.
Planification de la gestion forestière et économie

Member of the CTFC advisory board, scientific advisor in forest management planning and economics.

PhD in Forest Science by the University of Minnesota in the USA.

Associate Professor of Forest Management and Economics at the School of Agriculture of the University of Lisbon, Portugal, since 2003.

Visiting Professor in several universities and research institutions in North and South America in the period 1996-2018.

He is currently the coordinator of the Portuguese Forest Research Centre and of the Erasmus Mundus Master Course Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management since its inception in 2012.  His research, outreach and higher education coordination and managerial activities attracted an annual average of about .5 million euros in the period 1998-2018, from the EU and Portuguese research programs and the Forest Industry, in several national and international projects.

His research in forest and natural resources management and ecosystem services is documented in over 100 peer reviewed publications and has been disseminated in over 170 technical and scientific meetings. His research supervision/assessment and capacity building activities involved the participation in over 20 evaluation panels in several European, American and international organizations, 1 international capacity building project, 10 editorial boards of international journals, and the supervision of 11 Post Doc programs, 13 PhDs and 17 MSc dissertations.

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Borges, J. G., J. Garcia-Gonzalo, V.A. Bushenkov, M. E. McDill, S. Marques and  M.M. Oliveira 2014 Addressing multi-criteria forest management with Pareto Frontier methods: an application in Portugal Forest Science 60: 63-72.

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