Personnel / Direction Générale
Trasobares Rodríguez, Antoni
973 48 1752 ()

PhD in Forest Science and Economics, University of Joensuu, Finland (2000-2004)

Master Degree of Science in Forestry. Major in Forest Planning and Economics. Faculty of Forestry, University of Joensuu, Finland (1998-1999)

Master Degree in Forestry Engineering specializing in Environmental Sciences. University of Lleida, Spain -ETSEA- (1996-1998)

Agricultural Engineering (Bachelor Degree). Specializing in Landscape Management. Polytechnic University of Catalonia -ESAB- (1992– 1996)


Director of CTFC (December 2016 - )

Government of Catalonia, Department of Agriculture, General director of natural resources and biodiversity (2013 – 2016).  Development of various measures for promoting the bioeconomy concept in the Catalan forest sector, for example: (1) Strategy for the energy use of forest biomass; (2) New management and mobilization model for the public forests in Catalonia (the amount of sustainably managed area increased 90% in the period 2013-2015); (3) New regulation for using local timber in the construction and rehabilitation of public buildings


Research, technology transfer and applied projects in forest management and the environment in general.

ETH Zurich, Institute of Terrestrial Ecosystems, Chair of Forest Ecology (September 2009 – February 2013). Research Assistant position in the frame of the MOTIVE project (FP7; Models for Adaptive management, focused on developing models and strategies to adapt forest management to climate change.

Foreco Technologies, SL., (November 2004 - September 2009). Consulting company specializing on forest management planning and the management of environmental resources in general. Promotion and development of various projects at the national and international levels (support to public administration, universities, European projects)

CTFC, Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (June 1999 - November 2004). Coordination of the Mediterranean Regional Project Centre of the European Forest Institute

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