Personnel / Direction Générale
Patermann, Christian

Christian Patermann is a former Director of the European Commission, serving from 1996-2003 as Director for Environment, Sustainability and Climate and afterwards until 2007 as Director for Agriculture, Food, Forestry, Fisheries and Biotechnology in the Directorate General for Research and Technology of the EU. During the last term he launches the Bioeconomy as part of the 7th Framework Programme, known at that time as the Knowledge based Bioeconomy in Europe.

Before he was Dep. Dir. General in the German Ministry for Reseach and Science, among many fonctions director of Cabinet, Spokesperson etc.

He is a lawyer, studied also economics, in Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

He retired end of 2007 and since advises many governments and companies on the development of a biobased economy. He is also a member of the first German Bioökonomierat, Bioeconomy Council, advising the German government.

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