Staff / Multifunctional forest management
De Cáceres Ainsa, Miquel
Vegetation Modeling
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Academic training

1998. B.Sc. in Biology. University of  Barcelona (UB). Average score (0-4): 2.42.

2005. Ph.D. in Biology. University of Barcelona. Title: ‘Numerical classification of vegetation on the basis of floristic species composition’. Advisors: Xavier Font (Plant Biology, UB) and Francesc Oliva (Statistics, UB).

2006-2008. Two courses of Bsc in Mathematics, at the “Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia” (UNED).


Research experience

He's currently a senior researcher (Ramon y Cajal programme) at CTFC and associated researcher at CREAF. He is interested in the description and modeling of ecological communities in terms of structure and composition, from the scale of vegetation stands to landscapes and regions. His work follows two research lines, one in Ecological Statistics and the other in Ecological Modeling.

Regarding Ecological Statistics, he is mostly interested in improving the statistical methods used in community ecology analyses. So far, his most relevant contributions have focused on the development and comparison of methods used to quantify and analyze plant beta diversity, to classify vegetation patterns using vegetation plot records and to assess the indicator value of species occurrences. Recently, his work has focused on developing tools to analyze the spatial variation and temporal dynamics of forest composition and structure.

His interests in Ecological Modeling are centered on developing modeling frameworks to better assess the potential response of vegetation and associated fauna to global change drivers at the local to regional scales. His current research in this area is mostly focused in the development of tools to facilitate the use of climate model predictions and process-based forest simulation models to study the combined effect global change drivers (wildfires, drought, and forest management) on the structure and functioning of Mediterranean ecosystems.

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