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Giralt Jonama, David
Biodiversity and Animal Conservation
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He is a PhD in Biological Sciences by the University of Barcelona and since 2000 he is working in the Conservation Biology Group of the CTFC, combining transference and research. The ultimate goal of his work is to generate and transfer to the society new knowledge for decision-making on biodiversity conservation and its interactions with human activity such as agriculture and hunting. More specifically, he has participated or coordinated different national, and to a lesser extent, international (ERANET) studies, focused on understanding the response of birds to human activity through different approaches, such as habitat selection, landscape ecology, reproductive biology, demography, survival and population viability. He has long experience in the study and management of farmland landscapes for the conservation of birds, including the evaluation of conservation action effectiveness, demographic analyses of different threatened species, the drafting of recovery plans or the identification of high nature value areas. As a result of these studies and in collaboration with other research centres (UDL, EEZA, UAM, IREC), he has published several scientific works and articles in the field of conservation, ecology and ornithology.


Articles científics

Robleño, I., Bota, G., Giralt, D. & Recasens, J. (2017) Biodiversity and Conservation 26: 133.

Cardador,L. Brotons, Ll. Mougeot, F., Giralt, D., Bota, G., Pomarol, M., Arroyo, B. (2015) Conservation traps and long-term species persistence in human-dominated systems. Conservation Letters. DOI 0.1111/conl.12160

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Kvist, L., Giralt, D., Valera, F., Hoi, H., Kristin, A., Darchiashvili, G, Lovaszi, P. (2011). Population decline is accompained with loss of genetic diversity in the Lessser Grey Shrike Lanius minor. Ibis 153: 98-109.

McMahon, B.J., Giralt, D., Raurell, M., Brotons, L. & Bota, G. (2010). Identifying set-asides features for bird conservation and management in north-eastern Iberian pseudo-steppes. Bird Study, 57 (3): 289-300.

Giralt, D., Brotons, Ll, Valera, F., Kristin, A. (2008). The role of natural habitats in agricultural systems for bird conservation: the case of the threatened Lesser Grey Shrike. Biodiversity and Conservation v.17, nº8:1997-2012.

Giralt, D. & Valera, F., (2007). Population trends and spatial synchrony in peripheral populations of the endangered Lesser grey shrike in response to environmental change. Biodiversity and Conservation, 16: 841-856.

Llibres i monografies

Giralt, D., Rivas, J.L I Albero, J.C., (Eds.) 2010. El Alcaudón chico en España. Población reproductora en 2010 y método de censo . SEO-Birdlife. Madrid.