Staff / Landscape dynamics and biodiversity
Sazatornil, Víctor
Biodiversity and Animal Conservation
973 48 1752 (228)

Biologist, he is currently working as a technician at the Biodiversity and Animal Conservation Lab in CTFC. He started his professional career back in 2002 as a wildlife technician in Galicia and Asturias (NW Spain) where he did wildlife monitoring (specially wolves) and contributed to techincal reports and management plans. From 2008 he has been working also as a technician in the Environmental Impact Assessment Office of the Generalitat de Catalunya, always combining his professional duties with his research on wildlfie conservation.

His main research interests are large carnivores, focusing on conservation and management of these charistmatic species in human-dominated landscapes. To develop his research, he focuses on wolves as a model species, and it revolves around understanding and developing coexistence frames at different scales as a way to integrate the persistence of large carnivores in landscapes dominated by human activities.

He is currently involved in research projects on human wildlife conflicts in Europe and Asia and is also a member of the Iberian Wolf Research Team (

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