Staff / Multifunctional forest management
Coello Gómez, Jaime
Sustainable forest management
973 48 1752 (208)

PhD (University of Lleida), MSc European Forestry (Universities of Lleida, Joensuu and Freiburg) and Forest Engineer (Universities of Valladolid and Lleida).

Before joining CTFC in 2006 he worked for one year at the FAO Sub-Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe in Budapest, participating in projects related to sustainable forest management and forest policy.

Recent SCI papers:

Coello J, Piqué M, Rovira P, Fuentes C, Ameztegui A. (2018). Combining innovative mulches and soil conditioners in mountain afforestation with ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) in the Pyrenees (NE Spain). Forest systems 27 (3).

Coello J, Ameztegui A, Rovira P, Fuentes C, Piqué M. (2018). Innovative soil conditioners and mulches for forest restoration in semiarid conditions in northeast Spain. Ecological Engineering, 118: 52-65

Coello J, Coll L, Piqué M. (2017). Can bioplastic or woodchip groundcover replace herbicides or plastic mulching for valuable broadleaf plantations in Mediterranean areas? New Forests, 48 (3): 415-429

Vitone A, Coello J, Piqué M, Rovira P. (2016). Use of innovative groundcovers in Mediterranean afforestations: aerial and belowground effects in hybrid walnut. Annals of Silvicultural Research 40 (2): 134-147

Coello J, Cortina J, Valdecantos A, Varela E. (2015). Forest landscape restoration experiences in southern Europe: sustainable techniques for enhancing early tree performance. Unasylva 245 (66): 82-90

Recent books
- Coello J, Piqué, M. (2016). Soil conditioners and groundcovers for sustainable and cost-efficient tree planting in Europe and the Mediterranean - Technical guide. Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia, Solsona (Spain). 60 p
- Gonin P (Coord.), Larrieu L, Coello J, Marty P, Lestrade M, Becquey J, Claessens H. (2014). Autecology of broadleaved species. Institut pour le Développement Forestier. París. 64 pp
- Coello J, Becquey J, Gonin P, Ortisset JP, Desombre V, Baiges T, Piqué M. (2013). Ecology and silviculture of the main valuable broadleaved species in the Pyrenean area and neighbouring regions. Technical Collection "Species and silviculture". Centre for Private Ownership of Catalonia Government, Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Spain), 60 p.