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Correal Mòdol, Eduard

July 2006 – Present,  Researcher. Responsible for scientific-technical area of wood materials and derivatives INCAFUST. Research, develop, coordinate and promote projects on new applications and wood based materials

June 2005 - June 2006- Forest engineer in the forestry and biomass workgroup (CTFC)Technical suport to públic institutions and SMEs to promote biomass fuels 

PhD on Wood Technology. Excellent Cum Laude. Lleida University. E.T.S.E.A. Chemical, physical, mechanical and strength properties of the clear wood, the structural timber and the glulam of the Catalan Mediterranean System. September 2013
Master in Systems Research and Forest Products. Lleida University. E.T.S.E.A.  Outstanding in the Final Studies Work October 2008

Master Engineer. Outstanding in the Career's Final Project (P.F.C.) Lleida University. E.T.S.E.A. July 2004
Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention specialized in Work Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomics and Applied Psicosociology. Master of 1100 hours  C.E.T.I.LL. Professional Association of Industrial Technical Engineers of Lleida April 2003

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Correal E, Vilches M, Characterization of cross-laminated timber panels of Pinus sylvestris from Catalonia. 26TH International Conference on Wood Science and Technology (ICWST). Implementation of Wood Science in Woodworking sector. Proceedings. Zagreb: University of Zagreb. Innovawood. Zagreb Fair. October 2015

Correal, E, Vilches M. Properties of clear wood and structural timber of Pseudotsuga menziesii from the Mediterranean Spain. World Conference on Timber Engineering. Conference Innovators Ltd.  May 2014

Correal, E, Rabascall X, Cervera, T. , Baiges T. Guia dels criteris de classificació de la fusta en peu de Catalunya.  Centre de la Propietat  2017

Correal E, Labèrnia, C, Gené, J, Campanero, M, Felip X.  Ús Responsable dels Productes Fusters en Elements Urbans
Ajuntament de Barcelona. Àrea d'Ecologia Urbana. 2017

Correal, E, Vilches, M; Gené, J. Guia de la fusta de les espècies forestals de Catalunya.  Incafust. Generalitat de Catalunya. DAAM. 2015