Staff / Multifunctional forest management
Garcia Pausas, Jordi
973 48 1752 (261)

BSc in Biology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1999) and a PhD from the University of Lleida (January 2011).

His PhD research was focused on the study some key aspects of the carbon cycle in mountain grassland soils in the Pyrenees. It included from the soil C stocks in the Pyrenean grasslands to some physico-chemical and biological factors explaining the organic matter dynamics (belowground productivity and organic matter mineralisation and stabilisation in soils). Then, a two-year postdoc fellow at the James Hutton Institute (Aberdeen, Scotland) allowed him to gain experience in using stable isotope techniques in microcosm experiments. There he studied the relationship between soil physico-chemical characteristics and the soil organic matter mineralisation, with special attention to the priming effect.

Now, as a post-doc fellow (Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación contract) at the CTFC, he is studying the effect of fire on soil biological activity, and the role of plants on the recovery of biological activity and functionality after fire.