Staff / Landscape dynamics and biodiversity
Pla Montferrer, Magda
Biodiversity and landscape ecology
973 48 1752 (201)

Magda Pla studied Biology in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and a GIS and Remote sensing in Master in Institut d'Estudis Espaials de Catalunya (IEEC).    

She started her professional career in 2002 as a technician in the Department of Geography at UAB. On October 2005 she started her relationship with the Biodiversity and Landscape Ecology Lab led by Dr.Lluís Brotons into the CTFC. Her current work focuses on analyze and quantify lanscape changes produced by perturbations as fire and other damages by means of remote sensing imagery. She is also involved in the generation of several GIS products related to biodivesrity conservation and management.

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