Personnel / Bioéconomie, santé et gouvernance
Guinot Sánchez, Melissa

Master thesis in Primatology at the University of Girona.

Bachelor in Environmental Sciences at the University of Barcelona.

I have developed my master thesis in bioacoustic of the wild howler monkey in Mexico, with field monitoring to identify the factors affecting the vocal convergence of the species. During my master thesis, I have worked in socioeconomy in the National Park of Palenque in Mexico, applying surveys, interviews and workshops with tourism guides to diagnose the howler monkey conservation status. Finally, I did my bachelor’s final project with snowbed and grassland vegetation and the soil of the Pyrenees within the FLORAPYR project to identify tendencies in the soil carbon stock with climate change.

I am currently working in the CTFC department in the socioeconomic field of research in the framework of climate change and sown diversity.