Personnel / Dynamique du paysage et biodiversité
Brotons Alabau, Lluís
973 48 1752 (282)

Degree in Biological Sciences, University of Barcelona. 1995

PhD in Biology, University of Barcelona. 2000

Dr. Brotons has conducted research in leading institutions in Spain, Finland, Canada and France and has been involved in 36 competitive research projects, being the leading researcher in 15 of them (including both national and EU international competitive calls). Furthermore, he has been directly involved in 26 contracts in which the transfer of technology and feedback to society has been the main objective. Finally, he has been supervisor of 6 completed PhD theses and is currently supervising 6 PhD students

Until July 2017, he has been engaged in a total of 62 projects, including 36 competitive national (Cicyt projects) and international projects (FP6 and FP7 calls) and 26 contracts or agreements involving the transfer of my research to the public and private sectors. It is worth mentioning the involvement of our team (Dr. Brotons coordinates one of the seven work-packages) in the network of excellence CONSOLIDER-MONTES on global change impacts on woodlands granted by the Spanish government and involving more than 70 research teams from all over the country and leads a new research network (NEWFORESTS, FP7 project) on forest and global change with Canadian and French partners.

Until July 2017, he has published 223 scientific articles, including 153 articles in SCI-indexed journals (including high ranking general biology and ecology journals such as Nature, Science, Nature Climate Change, American Naturalist, PNAS, Ecology Letters, Oikos, Biological Conservation, Global Change Biology and Landscape Ecology amongst others), 2 co-edited books, 70 books chapters and other articles in non-SCI refereed journals. His current H index is 34, with 23 articles cited more than 50 times and a total of more than 3000 cites including five articles being a highly cited paper ISI Web of Science essential Science indicators. Brotons et al. (2004, Ecography) with more than 412 citations) is included in the research front species distribution modelling and climate change (ISI).

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