Personnel / Bioéconomie, santé et gouvernance
Pecurul Botines, Mireia
973 48 1752 ()

Mireia is currently co-leading the group of socio-economy and governance of rural systems. She holds a Ph.D. in Forest Governance from the University of Leeds (UK); an MSc. in European Forestry from the University of Joensuu (Finland); and an Engineering in Forestry from the University of Lleida (Spain). Mireia has over twenty years of experience working as a social scientist in forestry in Spain and the U.K. and she has participated in several European Projects and co-authored academic publications.

Her research focuses on understanding the complex relationships between forestry and society. Currently, her activity focuses on three main topics:

1.      Forest and forest-related policy analysis at different levels,

2.      Multi-actor approaches and co-creation processes to foster innovation and integration of different types of knowledge.

3.      Sustainability transitions for societal wellbeing

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