Personnel / Dynamique du paysage et biodiversité
Sazatornil, Víctor
973 48 1752 (228)

PhD in Conservation Biology (University of Barcelona, 2018).

I work as a technician of Knowledge and Technology Transfer at the Biodiversity Conservation Lab in CTFC, particularly dedicated to wildlife conservation and management. I am focused on human-wildlife conflicts, and particularly the interaction between wildlife and human activities in human-dominated landscapes. I try to understand conflict dynamics in order to inform scientific-based management and the policy making process. I am involved in projects of varied nature, such as monitoring threatened species, large carnivore management and conservation, functional role of human activities on ecosystems, or optimizing information structure to assist decision making.

I’ve been involved in research projects on carnivore-wildlife conflicts in Europe and Asia. Also a member of the Iberian Wolf Research Team (

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