Personnel / Dynamique du paysage et biodiversité
Krsnik, Goran
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I am a geographer holding a Master's degree in Geographical Information Technologies working on the complexity of geographical processes and models, multi-objective spatial management and digital spatial analyses using GIS and remote sensing techniques. My BSc degree studies were realized at the University of Zagreb based on research in tourism and cultural geography, during which I did a short stay at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. After that, I obtained my MSc degree from the University of Zaragoza with the specialization in urban heat island management using remote sensing techniques.

Currently, I am a PhD student under FI (AGAUR/Generalitat de Catalunya) fellowship at CTFC in collaboration with the University of Lleida. My work focuses mostly on the application of geographical information technologies in forestry and urban forestry. The research encompasses the geospatial analysis of forest ecosystem services in Catalonia and functions of green urban areas by using innovative multi-objective decision-making tools. I am also being part of the PREVINCAT project whose aim is to develop a research based server to ease the management of wildfire prevention strategies in Catalonia. The research is also being funded under Marie Skłodowska-Curie RISE fellowship, as a part of knowledge transfer program with internships being carried out in collaboration with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and US Forest Service Pacific NW Station, where studies on green urban areas and innovative spatial multi-objective tools have been realized.

Krsnik, G.; Busquets Olivé, E.; Piqué Nicolau, M.; Larrañaga, A.; Cardil, A.; García-Gonzalo, J.; González Olabarría, J.R. (2020, December). Regional Level Data Server for Fire Hazard Evaluation and Fuel Treatments Planning. Remote Sensing 12 (24), 4124.

Krsnik, G.; Reynolds, K.; González Olabarría, J.R. (2019, March). Geospatial multi-criteria forest ecosystem services management in Catalonia using EMDS system tools, 18th Symposium on Systems Analysis in Forest Resources. Puerto Varas (Chile)

Krsnik, G. (2017, May). Importance of urban forests for urban heat island management, European Forum on Urban Forestry. Barcelona (Spain)