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Cardil, Adrian
Investigación en ecosistemas forestales globales

Dr. Adrián Cardil is a graduate in Forest Engineering with honors (BS and MSc Extraordinary Award) and management and innovation in the food industry (MSc) from the University of Lleida, where he received a PhD in 2015 (Excellent Cum Laude; PhD Extraordinary Award). Since then,

Dr. Cardil has carried out his research in national and international research groups through stays in Canada, the USA, Chile, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany, and Italy, establishing a broad network of international collaborators (237 co-authors only in his peer-review SCI publication list).

Dr. Cardil is a prominent fire and forest scientist who has developed: (1) remote sensing methods for forest management (Airborne and GEDI Lidar, hyperspectral imagery from drones and satellites, satellite active fire data); (2) innovative fire behavior models and applications to better estimate the impact of wildfires on human fatalities and the environment; (3) analysis of adverse weather patterns and drivers leading to extreme wildfires in several continents and regions (Amazon, California, Europe). The scientific impact of the research can be scored by the large number of articles published in SCI journals as well as the quality and the number of times these articles have been cited. His scientific work has produced 57 SCI publications, 31 of them published in Q1 top journals indexed in the Web of Science


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