Staff / Dinámica del paisaje y biodiversidad
Casals Martí, Frederic

I am PhD in Biological Sciences by the University of Barcelona (UB) in Spain and currently Collaborating Lecturer at the University of Lleida (UdL) as member of the Wildlife Section of the Animal Science Department with part of the teaching activity in the Msc Erasmus Mundus European Forestry and the MSc Erasmus Mundus Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management. I’m also associate researcher at the CTFC.

My research interests focus on the biology and ecology of freshwater fishes, mainly in Iberian rivers. Actual research lines are centered in aspects related to present impacts of rivers and their management:

- freshwater fish communities and their evolution in time and distribution.

- Aquatic invasive species ecology, factors associated  and routes of invasion.

- fish-based biotic indexes and tools for ecological status assessment related to the Water Framework Directive.

- restoration of aquatic ecosystems; dam removal and habitat connectivity.

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