Staff / Dinámica del paisaje y biodiversidad
Garcia-Gonzalo, Jordi
Responsable de programa
973 48 1752 ()

PhD in Forest Sciences by the Faculty of Forestry of the University of Joensuu (Currently named University of Eastern Finland – Itä-Suomen yliopisto) in Finland. Forest engineer by the University of Lleida (2002). From 2008 until June 2015 He worked as post-doc researcher at the Forest Research Centre (CEF-ISA) at the University of Lisbon (Portugal).

He is currently the head of the Landscape Dynamics and Biodiversity program and develops his research within the Precision Forestry - New tools for forestry decision making (PrecFOR) lab.

His research interests focus on the development of forest ecosystem management models, optimization methods and decision support systems. The main objective is to develop scientifically sound methods that can be used by the public administration, forest owners, industry and non-governmental organizations for enhanced integration of adaptive strategies in multiple-objective landscape management planning and for an improvement of existing policy and management approaches. This includes the development of innovative methods and tools (e.g decision support systems) that may address the complexity of multi-objective and multi-stakeholder landscape planning under climate change and other risks (e.g. forest fires, pests).

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