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Piñuela Samaniego, Yasmine
Micologia i patologia forestal

PhD student at University of Lleida (UdL). Department of Crop and Forest Sciences. Lleida, Catalonia. Spain. (2017-2020). Exchange period in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL, Switzerland) during 4 months (June-September 2019) under the bilateral project “Blackdynamite” (2019)

CNRS. CEFE (Centre d´Ecologie Fonctionelle et Evolutive). Montpellier. France    (2016-2017). STSM (Short Term Scientific Mission). COST Action FP1203. Under the supervision of Franck Richard.

CTFC and University of Lleida-Agrotecnio Center (Lleida, Spain).  (2015) STSM (Short Term Scientific Mission). COST Action FP1305. Under the supervision of Christine Fisher.

Biotechnical Faculty of Ljubljana. Department of Biodiversity. Ljubljana. Slovenia (2015). STSM (Short Term Scientific Mission). COST Action FA1103.  Under the supervision of Dr Irena Maček

Slovenian Forestry Institute. Ljubljana. Slovenia (2013-2015) Project: Below ground carbon turnover in European forest. EUFORINNO, European Forest Research and Innovation (RegPot No. 315982). Department of Forest Physiology and Genetics. Under the supervision of Prof. dr. Hojka Kraigher, head of the department.  

Realization of master thesis “The role of earth worms in seedlings inoculations with ectomycorrhizal (ECM) fungi”: description of ECM types (morphological and anatomical), root system scanning and post statistical analysis of data (R Development Core Team). Under the supervision of the Dr. Tine Grebenc.

Realization of B. sc. thesis “Ectomycorrhiza diversity in natural Tuber aestivum. Vitt. grounds”: Morph-anatomical classification of ECM types. DNA extraction and PCR amplification. Identification and percentage of sequence similarity in GenBank and UNITE database after the BLAST analysis.