Personnel / Département des Services
Bellera Vilar, Carla
973 48 1752 (326)

Postgraduate degree in Public Communication of Science from Buenos Aires University (2015)
Master's degree in Environmental Science from Girona University (2015)
Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2010).

Scientific communication technician in the CTFC since 2015, performing dissemination activities related to developed research at CTFC and tasks related to the organisation and management of events, national and international congresses. She also participates in the management tasks of CTFC's blogs and social media accounts and in the creation of digital contents.
Before, she worked in different research projects in the CTFC as lab and field technician and performing different research activities. She has also worked as environmental technician for the Girona Regional Council, participating in the creation of the Reference Inventory on CO2 emissions in the province.