Bota Cabau, Gerard
973 48 1752 (264)

He is currently the head of the Biodiversity and Animal Conservation Lab at the CTFC. His research objectives are focused on the study of interactions between agriculture and farmland birds, basically in steppe-land extensive farmland areas. Another main goal of his research is based on the knowledge transfer of conservation biology criteria to stakeholders, and help them to be applied and implement in nature conservation planning. Since 2003, Gerard Bota and his team has developed a close relation with the Catalan regional government dealing and giving advice to regional stakeholders on the conservation planning of the steppe-land species and Natura2000 protected areas in Catalonia.

He had participated in different research projects related to biodiversity, conservation and environmental services in agricultural systems like ERANET projects (FARMLAND) and a project funded by the Fundación General CSIC-Banco Santander (STEPPEAHEAD). He is also currently involved as a lead partner in a INTERREG Europe project (BID-REX ; From Biodiversity data to decions). 

The research outputs of this and other projects are more than 20 SCI papers co-authorship published in journals like Conservation Letters, Biodiversity and Conservation, Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, Ecological Indicators, Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology, PlosOne, Journal of Avian Biology, etc.

He has  been also first editor of the book "Ecology and Conservation of Steppe-land birds" published by Lynx Editions and co-author of different chapters (more than 10) in different international and regional books.

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