Staff / Bioeconomía y gobernanza
Rodriguez Bayo, Judit
Aprovechamientos madereros y biomasa
973 48 1752 (300)

Formal education:

Postgraduate degree in Social and environmental analysis and intervention. Urban environments, the community and sustainability. University of Barcelona. 2005.

Postgraduate degree in Environmental management in private companies and the public administration; Resources, communication and change. University of Barcelona. 2004.

Forest Engineering. University of Lleida. 2000

Degree in Forest Engineering. University of Lleida. 1996.

Work experience:

From 2011: Senior expert and researcher in the Group of Forest Harvesting and Biomass. Main projects: Biomass Trade Centre II and INFRES.

2005-2010: Head of the Group of Forest Harvesting and Biomass.

2000-2015: Technician and researcher on forest harvesting and forest bioenergy.

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